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Interview With An Elite Courtesan Tanya

What made you decide to become a courtesan? I have always been an adventurous person. I was going on dates with well-off gentlemen before, then I decided to make my dating life even more interesting. The financial aspect is not the only thing that excites me, my regular clientele is very small and select and […]

Helsinki Escorts

Helsinki is a small Nordic capital with roughly 600.000 inhabitants and the population in the Greater Helsinki Area is only around one million, which makes it challenging for travellers to find Finnish high-class escorts. There are plenty of girls from the neighbouring countries who offer very basic and mediocre services and there are no quality […]

Gifts To High Class Escorts

If you’d like to indulge me… I’m not an extremely material person and I don’t need to be surrounded by plenty of things. However, some elegant feminine items always bring a smile to my face, I am a woman after all…I’m sure all ladies love to be pampered and to be treated like a Queen. As an […]