Interview With An Elite Courtesan Tanya

Tanya VIP - Interview With an Elite Courtesan

What made you decide to become a courtesan?

I have always been an adventurous person. I was going on dates with well-off gentlemen before, then I decided to make my dating life even more interesting. The financial aspect is not the only thing that excites me, my regular clientele is very small and select and I truly enjoy every moment on my exclusive dates. I’ve always enjoyed a company of an older gentleman, so this is the perfect way for me to realize my fantasies, and hopefully all the fantasies of my clientele as well. I offer the ultimate girlfriend or mistress experience. I love getting attention from both men and women and I also enjoy bringing them joy in several ways. I’m a very sexual person and always open to explore new things as well…

I really would not like to categorize myself. However, qualities which best describe me as a courtesan or a high-class escort, if you prefer, are my elegant and beautiful looks as well as my warm, sensual and gentle character. As an ex-model I’m quite sophisticated and I know how to please the eye. I speak several languages, my mother tongue is Finnish and I’m fluent in English and Swedish. I also speak a little bit of French and Italian, even some Japanese and Chinese to make an impression. I have a university education (and also a daytime office job), I follow business news (Financial Times, The Economist, etc.) as well as publications focusing on culture, art and fashion. I’m comfortable holding a conversation on almost any subject and I’m a good listener. I consider myself as a Nordic, well-educated, classy beauty who is very open minded, funny and witty. I take good care of my health as well as my all natural and sporty figure. I have traveled all over the world and I always love to explore new cultures and try to learn from them.

For me, being a courtesan is not a job, it’s more like a rewarding hobby and an intriguing lifestyle.

What is your philosophy of life?

Love and be loved. Live and let live. Believe you can do anything if you reach for your dreams. Be self-confident and always do the best you can. Have a positive and optimistic attitude in life at all times. Live for the future, not for the past. Be tolerant, do not harm anyone. Respect all cultures and try to learn from them.

Characteristics and behaviour I do not appriciate are over-risk-taking, poor hygiene, intolerance, alcohol and drug abuse, impoliteness and discourteousness.

Where do you live?

I live in Helsinki, Finland. I was born in Helsinki, so the city is very dear to me. I also spend a lot of time in London, UK, and I consider London as my second home. I would like to call myself a cosmopolitan, so I’m very adaptive to different cultures and I have an ability to feel at home almost anywhere in the world.

However, I only have an outcall service and I’m glad to meet you in a neutral environment for the both of us – preferably at a high-class hotel in Helsinki (or London) – or some other city where your invitation might lead me to.

Are your photos real and recent?

Yes, my pictures are real, recent and untouched. They also describe me as the way I am and the way I dress on my encounters. My beautiful doll face is covered to secure my privacy as well as yours. This is a secret hobby of mine, so please do not ask me to send a photo of my face. I won’t ask you to do that either. Being a discrete gentleman yourself, I’m sure you understand this matter very well.

What is your favourite type of date?

My favourite type of date is probably a 4- to 6-hour date with a fun gentleman who also enjoys gourmet food with good wine in a relaxed and flirty atmosphere. My ideal encounter is also full of laughter and there’s enough private time to get to know each other more intimately…

If we already know each other from a previous encounter, then I prefer a longer rendezvous, or even an overnight date to fully enjoy our time together, wherever in the world we happen to be.

I meet clients only at luxury hotels, so please don’t ask me to visit your apartment.

 Do you meet couples?

Yes, I meet select couples. As a bi-sexual person myself, I enjoy female attention and I also love to satisfy the special needs that a delicate woman might have. If I agree to meet a couple, I would like to talk on the phone with the both of you (before the possible meeting) to make sure everybody feels comfortable.

What do you like to wear on a date?

I have a collection of elegant designer dresses as well as other outfits. As an esthetician I love to wear exquisite high heel shoes and luxurious lingerie. I also own beautiful evening gowns for more festive events. I always dress to the occation, so on our date you can expect me to wear something classy, elegant and descreet, never too prominent. Feel free to let me know if you have some special wishes regarding my attire.

What are your other hobbies?

As I told you before I like to take good care of my body and I have a healthy lifestyle. I go to the gym regularly, I also like jogging, cycling and yoga. I’m an expert in alpine skiing as well as cross-country skiing (remember I’m a Finn!) and I have played tennis since my childhood. As a contrast to all the exercising I love going to the movies, concerts, theatre, ballet and opera. I have studied to play piano and also a couple of other instruments, so classical music is very close to my heart. I listen to the latest charts as well, and I’m no stranger on the dance floor of a posh nightclub.

Can you provide a list of your services?

I do not provide a list of any services. As I mentioned in the first question, I offer the ultimate girlfriend experience. I’m a very sexual person and always open to explore. I’m sure we will enjoy our encounter in many different ways and will have a wonderful time together! Don’t be afraid to ask if you have any special request, though. I rarely think something is too “weird” to put into practice and I usually don’t have any special limitations …

Are your rates negotiable?

The rates on my website and the agreed POA (price on application) rates are NON-negotiable. As a high-class VIP companion my time is valuable and not to be exceeded without appropriate deliberation. I wish to meet very exclusive clientele, so if you think my rates are too high for you, I’m sure we won’t be a match and you should look more suitable company for you elsewhere.

Do you travel?

It would be a pleasure to keep you company upon invitation, wherever you happen to be or when you are travelling to cities such as: London, Zürich, Geneva, Frankfurt, Dubai, Cannes, New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo. I’m sure I can make the city look like you’ve never seen it before ;)

If you wish to get together with me outside of Helsinki (Finland), please fill in the contact form on my website or send an email and suggest when, where and for how many hours you would like our meeting to last. To confirm the booking I would need a non-refundable pre-payment (min. 50%) via PayPal or bank transfer preferably a week prior to our rendezvous. If you need to cancel our date for some reason, I will keep the deposit for up to 6 months leaving you plenty of time to reschedule our encounter.

How much notice do you require before our meeting?

If you are thinking about booking my time, please try to do so well in advance to give me as much notice as possible. (Preferably at least 24 hours). I never meet anyone else on the same day and I always want to be well prepared for our date in every possible way. If you wish for a meeting outside of Helsinki, please try to do the booking request at least one week before the rendezvous. Because of my professional job in the office, I have a busy schedule. However, sometimes I might have a gap for a last minute encounter with you (within Europe), so please don’t hesitate to ask!

How do I make the donation?

I would prefer our encounter to start (and continue) smoothly without any interruption. That is why I wish you have the donation ready in an envelope in the beginning of our date. Should we meet in a public venue, I suggest you greet me casually with a gift bag containing my donation in an envelope. In the event that you might want to extend our date, please feel free to ask if my time is available. I also expect you to be prepared in advance regarding the additional consideration to maintain the smoothness of our exclusive date.

For meetings outside of Helsinki I would need a non-refundable pre-payment (min. 50%) via bank/wire transfer or in cryptocurrencies preferably a week prior to our meeting to confirm the booking. If you need to cancel our date for some reason, I will keep the deposit for up to 6 months leaving you plenty of time to reschedule our encounter.

 What is the best way to contact you?

The best way to contact me is to fill in the contact form on my website or to send an email (tanyavip(at) I would prefer as much information as possible regarding our possible meeting (the requested date, time, location, the duration of our meeting and also something about you). You can also send an sms if you wish. I normally answer to respectful requests within 12 hours or sooner. I prefer a short phone conversation only AFTER we have scheduled an meeting.

Looking forward…..


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