Exclusive Content on the Subscription Based Members Only Website ‘OnlyFans

Dear reader,

please allow me to introduce my new members only web service on ‘OnlyFans’ social media platform where you’ll have a chance to get to know me on a more personal level. After subscribing to my ‘OnlyFans’ sensual life club you’ll be able to chat with me and discuss various topics such as sexual well-being and how to attract classy ladies. I’ll also share my tips on dating and how to satisfy your partner both mentally and physically regardless of your personal appearance or social status. As an ‘OnlyFans’ subscriber you’ll have access to some of my most exclusive private photos as well as videos and I’m happy to add more content according to your wishes. Private audio and video sessions might also arouse your interest.

I have met people from all walks of life and all over the world during my several years as an exclusive companion. I speak several languages and have a university degree in sociology and political science and enjoy interacting with people from any cultural background. I have a healthy lifestyle and pay detail to holistic wellness and erotic experiences, but also appreciate fine dining and an occasional glass of bubbly. My interests as an art and fashion enthusiast are especially in the opera, theatre, ballet, movies and fashion shows. As a cosmopolitan bisexual lady in my late thirties, I’m looking forward to being your personal life coach and more ;)

Please join my OnlyFans sensual life club here.

Love, Tanya

P.S. You can always rely on my discretion as I’ll never share anything anywhere of my clients nor club members.