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Helsinki Escorts

Helsinki is a small Nordic capital with roughly 600.000 inhabitants and the population in the Greater Helsinki Area is only around one million, which makes it challenging for travellers to find Finnish high-class escorts. There are plenty of girls from the neighbouring countries who offer very basic and mediocre services and there are no quality […]

How to find high-class escorts in Cannes Film Festival

Every year in May the cream of the film industry gather to South of France in Cannes International Film Festival. Top industry makers as well as A-list celebrities get together in high price posh parties and ridiculously priced luxury hotel rooms. Hollywood movie stars mix with European and Middle-Eastern royalty on the multimillion euro super […]

The World’s Top Courtesans And High Class Escorts

The World’s top courtesans have supermodel looks to die for and social intelligence everyone desires. They have trimmed their bodies close to perfection and they know how to use their figures to please the eye. They serve ever growing group of individuals, such as wealthy businessmen,¬†celebrities, athletes, politicians as well as royalty and their compensations […]

High Class Escorts London

Tanya VIP – Escort Introduction Profile Whether you are looking for elite vip courtesans or high class escorts in London you have come to a right place. Tanya is an independent Scandinavian beauty with a model look and she loves to provide dates to the selected clientele – men, women and couples alike. Her clients […]