The World’s Top Courtesans And High Class Escorts

Tanya VIP - World's Top Courtesans and High-Class Escorts

The World’s top courtesans have supermodel looks to die for and social intelligence everyone desires. They have trimmed their bodies close to perfection and they know how to use their figures to please the eye. They serve ever growing group of individuals, such as wealthy businessmen, celebrities, athletes, politicians as well as royalty and their compensations can be up to tens of thousands of euros per meeting.

They can be called by many names, a high class escort, a courtesan or courtisane like the French say, or even courtisan, and with their graceful appearance and witty minds their clients have a desire to meet them again and again. They offer a real girlfriend experience or they can simply be a secret mistress, dressed in sophisticated white Agent Provocateur corsetry, nothing slutty. They have perfect skin, hair, nails, eyelashes and everything in their bodies is all natural. All their services are ultra-discreet with no strings attached and they have an utmost respect for their clients’ privacy.

Courtesans always dress to the occasion upon their clients’ wishes, whether it’s the Little Black dress for an informal cocktail party, a suit for a formal business dinner or meeting, or a long evening gown for the opera or a fund raising event. Underneath their elegant and chic appearance one can discover the sexiest lingerie you can ever imagine. Many clients want to bring them luxury lingerie as gifts in various colours, white, black, red, you name it, and courtesans are always eager to wear them on the date. Some courteous clients want to spoil their beautiful escort dates, it’s also quite common to bring Louboutin shoes or a Gucci bag or even jewellery. Some even take them to the famous VIP fashion rooms, such as Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Top courtesans have a University education and their skills are many, they speak several languages and you can train a foreign language with them or simply have a conversation in your non-English mother tongue. They are as cool as they are clever and they have a brilliant sense of humor. They know the etiquette and they are very well-mannered, however they have a big appetite for erotic adventures and they love to give maximum pleasure to keep their clients satisfied. They have a healthy and substance free lifestyle, they excercise at the gym regularly and they are active in various sports to keep their slender and curvy bodies toned. They update their knowledge in business, fashion and arts consistently.

Their clients are often on the Forbes List, individuals in international industry, property, oil and hospitality. Courtesans often follow their clients to their Learjets and Gulfstreams to fly to high-end locations like Monaco, Cannes, Ibiza, St. Tropez, etc. They feel right at home in the most prestige hotels and resorts around the globe and even on the private holiday islands with white sandy beaches.


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